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PSR-S975 61-key Professional Arranger Workstation
  1. PSR-S975 61-key Professional Arranger Workstation
  2. PSR-S975 61-key Professional Arranger Workstation
  3. PSR-S975 61-key Professional Arranger Workstation
  1. Details

•1625 instrument Voices, including grand piano, strings, brass, drum/SFX kits, EDM-style synths, and much more

•523 Styles, including DJ Styles and NEW Audio Styles

A whopping 768MB of flash ROM; comes pre-loaded with Yamaha's premium Voice and Style Expansion content

•Stream audio and MIDI via Wi-Fi to/from your iOS device and PSR-S975 to integrate with compatible iOS apps

•MP3 Lyric Display lets you read the lyrics of MP3 songs with attached lyric data, including thousands of karaoke titles

•Assignable real-time control knobs let you filter and tweak your sound just like an analog synth

•Accompaniment Styles add an instant backing band to your performances while you maintain control over the chord changes and arrangement

•Mod wheel lets you control the amount of effect on your sound; remains at the desired setting until you increase or decrease it again

•Voice & Style Expansion Packs let you customize your PSR-S975 with a broad variety of additional content

•USB audio recording and playback captures and plays back performances to/from a USB drive

•DJ Styles are pre-programmed with chord progressions, leaving your hands free to play melodies or tweak real-time controls

•16-track song recorder/player lets you create full arrangements or play back songs

•Professional-quality background singers put you center stage at the Karaoke party — sing the song and Yamaha's cutting-edge VH2 chip does the rest

•MegaVoices (used in accompaniment Styles for ultra-realistic expression) provide various playing articulations, techniques, and performance sounds

•Guitar/mic input lets you plug right in and lay down a guitar track or vocal

•Powerful onboard speaker system; compatible with the optional KS-SW100 subwoofer to hear your arrangements with full-frequency fidelity