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Fast Track C400 Sound Card
  1. Fast Track C400 Sound Card
  2. Fast Track C400 Sound Card
  3. Fast Track C400 Sound Card
  1. Details

●24bit/96kHz precision USB audio interface

●4 in 6 out

●2 high quality microphone / line hybrid input interface

●2 high resistance instrument input interface

●Take the 20dB attenuation button for each message

●Phantom power supply

●4 balanced analog output, with listening management system, you can switch the output channel

●1 headphone output interfaces that control volume independently

●S/PDIF digital input / output interface

●1 in 1 out MIDI input / output interface

●The built-in DSP effector enables reverb and delay effects with delayed listening

●The front panel has many knobs and buttons, including buttons to control the main output volume and headphone volume, new buttons to select the output channel, and 1 buttons that can be customized

●Presents Pro Tools SE software

●Support for ASIO 2, WDM, MME, and CoreAudio

●It can be powered by USB 2 (also compatible with USB 3)