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DriveRack PA Equalization
  1. DriveRack PA  Equalization
  2. DriveRack PA  Equalization
  1. Details

There are 12 notch filters in the stereo feedback suppressor

Double 28 segment graphic equalizer

• classic DBX compressor

• 120A subwoofer harmonic synthesizer

• 2x3, 2x4, 2x5, 2x6 frequency division configuration

• stereo multi segment parametric equalizer

Stereo output limiter

Queue delay

Noise generator

• automatic equalization and 28 segment real-time spectrum analyzer

• a variety of models JBL, CROWN speakers and power amplifier built-in parameters can be selected in navigation procedures.

• 25 user programs and manufacturer procedures

• 2 channel XLR input and 6 channel XLR output

• front panel real-time spectrum analysis, microphone socket, built-in phantom power

• 24-Bit, ADC/24-Bit, DAC, >110, dB dynamic range

• TypeIV platinum switching systems

• full graphical interface, LCD display