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FBX2420 Subharmonic Synthesizer
  1. FBX2420 Subharmonic Synthesizer
  2. FBX2420 Subharmonic Synthesizer
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12 independent digital notch filters per channel, controlled automaticallyfrom 40 Hz to 20 KHz.

Filter width: user-controllable - either 1/10 or 1/5 octave*, constant "Q"

Resolution: 1 Hz

Time required to find and eliminate feedback: 0.4 seconds, typical @ 1KHz

Number of Dynamic vs. Fixedfilters per channel: user selectable.Last configuration stored inmemory.


Input/Output Maximum Signal Levels: Balanced +27dBV peak, unbalanced +21 dBV peak

Output Drive: Unit will perform as specified driving a load >600 Ohms

Input Impedance: Balanced or unbalanced >40K Ohms, PIN 2 high

Output Impedance: Balanced or unbalanced 150 Ohms nominal, PIN 2 high

Bypass: True power off bypass

Headroom: +23 dB peak @ 4 dBV nominal input, balanced

I/O Connectors: XLR-3 and 1/4"TRS