Company Profile

Guangzhou Huaxing electrical instruments, is a business professional audio instrument agents, the wholesale, retail and integrated professional audio company.

Was formally established in 1997, long before the Guangzhou Haiyin business circles yet built, had been in operation horn speakers and accessories, from a single business model, ten years of development has become a set of speakers, mixer, amplifier, instruments and the surrounding agents, the wholesale, retail and integrated professional audio company.

The company's main products are stereo speakers, mixer, amplifier, microphone, guitar, peripheral equipment and wire. The main products are keyboard instruments, guitar, drums, bass, saxophone and its surroundings. The company owns two independent product brand BENIVDA Trinidad and PESADENA Bot, make unremitting efforts, in a certain foreign markets, products have been sold to many countries in Africa and Southeast Asia and so on.

Looking ahead, Huaxing electrical instruments "high-quality products, is the bridge to the world" for enterprise long-term development goals. Through continuous improvement of international operations of enterprises, has established technology and brand advantage of independent intellectual property rights, optimizing pre and post sale services, the development of an innovative capability of international professional audio business.